Friday, June 02, 2017

browser joke

I went to a fancy Moroccan restaurant with several people.  One of them was wearing an amazing black frilly shirt, and has cool buzzed hair that's dyed pink.

Her: "My sneakers light up.  I wear them when biking, and it keeps cars further back from me."

Me: [leaning over to look under the table] "Wow, maybe I'll get shoes like that.  I bike every day."

Her: "Oh man, I'm wearing sneakers, and this is such a nice restaurant!"

Me: [sitting upright and gesturing to her shirt] "That's okay, you look great above the fold."

I was so proud of this joke, but only one person at the table laughed.  So I'm repeating it here.


Anonymous said...

Your racist joke about Asian men are much funnier.

Damien Sullivan said...

I laughed!
I had to search to be able to explain it, but I laughed first.

Leaderese Wright said...

Actually, that's quite good... and... FUNNY! lol