Saturday, March 19, 2016

Microsoft still being sexist

Wow, it's 2016 and Microsoft is still throwing sexist GDC parties.

I had this exact experience in 2006: here's my blog post.

At least this year, Microsoft was forced to apologize.

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Vidalia said...

That is absolutely awful, what a disservice to all of the women who work there. Having more women in upper management at Microsoft may not be a panacea, but surely at least one of them would have seen the obvious problems here and withheld their approval? Unbelievable (and yet, entirely too believable).

Given that Microsoft's apology consisted of the usual empty rhetoric, it would have been fun to modify their order for female dancers and replace them all with beefy male dancers--you know, since it was never intended to offend or objectify anyone, none of the predominantly male attendees should mind in the slightest, lol. Oh wait...