Thursday, January 21, 2016

the pain of shopping

I hate shopping using my corporeal body.  I'm very happy to shop online, and get a little thrill of anticipation once I've placed the order.  But I really detest real-life shopping.

I realized today that this is because in real life, often your interests are misaligned with the salesperson.  They want to persuade you to make the purchase.  It is harder to stay impartial and make a rational decision, when they're using sales tactics to convince you.

This is the primary reason I've only bought one car in the past 16 years.  Car salespeople are the worst in this regard!

I dislike being in situations where I have to exert willpower to fight against the other person's goal of influencing me to purchase.  

I don't know how other people can tolerate shopping in-person.


Anonymous said...

Try, Fighting Chance to buy a car.

Basically it let's you know the real bottom line price of a car, and let's you send out a bidding price for dealers to compete for your business.

Anderson Honda in Palo Alto is great.

Yishan said...

I agree. Buying a car is the WORST. Last time I had to buy a regular car, I had to muster up all my powers of rage to avoid being taken advantage of.

Luckily, when you buy a Tesla there isn't a salesperson doing that. It's a fixed price, you take it or leave it. Of course the fixed price is high.

Anonymous said...

Besides buying a car, when do you ever need to interact with a salesperson in real life?