Friday, December 25, 2015

their christmas tradition involves pager duty

Earlier this month:

Aff: "I'm going to get you a Playstation 4 and a bunch of games for Christmas.  What genre do you like?"

Me: "Story-driven puzzle games."

Aff: "I'll just get you a gift card.  All these games are downloadable."

Me: "You mean from the network that's going to be down on Dec 25?"

And now...

Who called it?!??


Eric S said...

"ALRT #2015 on Holiday Cheer: Below SLA Reply 4:Ack, 6:Resolv, 8:Christmas Miracle"

Anonymous said...

Why couldn't the game makers' employees work overtime to restore service??? The FedEx drivers did it!

(Tongue in cheek!)