Tuesday, September 08, 2015

blood war

Yesterday there was a mosquito biting me as I slept! I woke up at 4am with seven itchy bites. I stayed awake, determined to catch and kill it. A dozen times, I slapped myself in the face, trying to kill the mosquito.

Finally after an hour, I succeeded! I stared at its tiny body on my hand for 10 seconds, relishing its unmoving wings and spindly legs.

I went back to sleep. Two hours later, I woke up from getting bitten by a second mosquito! Horrors! I spent 20 minutes hunting and killing it.

An hour later, I woke up from a third mosquito!

I'm very frustrated. It is a war. I bought a bunch of yeast today and will go home and make traps for the hateful mosquitoes. I found a recipe online for "homemade mosquito trap".  I already purchased an insect zapper on Amazon, but it was completely ineffective against these mosquitoes.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, I know. I had a mosquito that was buzzing in my ears, so I changed rooms. In the second room, I heard a mosquito buzzing in my ears, again, so I changed rooms. I ended up sleeping in the living room. For 3 nights it went on like this. Then it dawned on me! Mosquitos need water, they like swamps - and sure enough there was a cup of water by my bedside table...

Anonymous said...

Did the home-made trap work?

Niniane said...

Anonymous @ 9/14: I remembered what you said, and removed all the glasses of water.

Anonymous @ 9/24: The trap did catch a few mosquitoes! But there were others that didn't get caught. I got bitten about 20 more times after writing this blog post. But eventually I killed them all, either with my bare hands or with the trap (or they died of old age / obesity from drinking so much of my blood).

Now there are no mosquitoes! I keep it that way by never opening any windows.

x said...

Mosquitos are insufferable. Instead of sleepily slapping our own faces (and missing the mosquitos!), my SO and I made a pact: 1 flash light on each side of the bed. If one of us hears a mosquito buzzing, BOTH PEOPLE wake up and hunt until we kill the thing(s). One night we killed SEVEN mosquitos. This minimized bites at the expense of sacrificing sleep quality, since it took some time to recover from the murderous adrenaline rush :p

We ended up buying this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LLF7ZRO
We were both skeptical, but the mag screen has successfully kept mosquitos out of our bedroom.

Niniane said...

I have a loft and cannot use a magnetic screen. Instead I will just never ever ever open the windows.