Saturday, May 30, 2015


Due to an "incident", my car now makes a grinding noise whenever I turn right.  Poor beloved car!

So it seems like I should probably replace my 16-year-old car.  It's a Honda Civic with 110k miles.

The number of choices is overwhelming.

One problem is that I'm going to dent any car that I get.  It's inevitable.  So there is no point thinking about re-sale value, because the re-sale value will be low once I've dented every panel.  I also can't lease, because I'd have to pay a big penalty when I bring it back dented.

Maybe I should just get another Civic.

The most important quality is that it should be black or dark blue.


Luis Garza said...

I just drove a rental Civic (had less than 1000 miles when I got it0 for a's a pretty decent car...but if you are willing to spend some more money (29k+), get an Audi A3 Sedan...I just bought's as big inside as the Civic but drives better and is more comfortable. I *think* the trunk of the Civic is a bit bigger, but the A3's is still big.

And I'm pretty sure the current Civic and A3 are both bigger than your 16yo one :) Go test the A3, it's worth the try. If you prefer small cars, go drive the Fiat's comfy, good driving and pretty as a button (my wife liked the Gucci version a lot)...I had a 500 for the last 2 years and like it lots's just too small for family, so I had to go size upwards.

Anonymous said...

Why not a Mazda3?

Luis Garza said...

I'd love to drive a Mazda 3 with a souped up engine in a track...the chasis is good, grip and direction great...but I woldnt drive one daily...same as a BMW3...great for fun driving, not so great for the daily grind. And the Mercedes C suffers the reverse...great for daily driving, not that fun when you step on it.

Anonymous said...

What was the "incident" The pubic has a right to know!

Anonymous said...

I love my Honda Accord! Totally anonymous, safe to drive through America on a cross country trip.

JB said...

I think you should get a BMW 328i, it's tried and proven. Fun to drive, safe, great 4yr 50,000 mile warranty with maintenance included. Parking sensors and camera so you don't have to worry about dinging it up. It's the ultimate driving machine. :)

Luis Garza said...

JB, I agree that the Beemers are great driving machines...but...Niniane isn't that kind of driver...not after saying she's driven her Civic for 16 years and has dinged every panel...she's probably better off getting a tank ;) On the other hand, the BMWs aren't as comfy as either of its same-level rivals (the Audis and Mercs) when you are driving calmly around town...which I think would be more her driving style than going 155mph on the Autobahn :)

Anonymous said...

She should just take the bus.

Anonymous said...

No, Niniane. The "ultimate driving machine' is a Honda Accord.

I longed and pined and fantasized about a Beemer until I went to live in Germany for a month. Then...shocking...shocking...shock!!! I saw that BMWs are basically like Toyatas over there in German, every man, woman, child, and a dog drives a Beemer. There were people who were homeless and people without teeth that driving a Beemer because they are dirt cheap and very common place in Germany. Add to the insult, every taxi cab is a Mercedes Benz, even in the most ghetto sections. Every other melon and chicken truck was a Mercedes.

So, I learned that BMWs, Mercedes, and Audis are marked up exponentially for the American consumers who buy into this marketing scheme that German engineering cars are the Ultimate Driving Machines. It's a status symbol more than anything, showing the public that you have cash to burn at the mechanics. But if you really want to show that, why not get something worse? Like a Jaguar - oh the repair fees are plenty. Or, get something really much more expensive, like a Maseretti or a Porsche????

Ask any mechanics in America who's worth their salt: which is the "ultimate driving machine' and which has better 'precision engineering?' Not one, not one, I repeat, not one mechanic from coast to coast has told me a BMW.

For you, if you want to show that you have plenty of 'quirky' taste, cash to burn, unusual insights, buy a really gorgeous house in the best locations, and then load up your closets with hundreds and millions of Christian Louboutins that can grace your feet.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and please, with the marketing phrase of the "autobahn."

'Bahn' means, trains/subway/transit. Subway stations are called bahn.

'Auto' just means car.

So the "autobahn' means transit way for cars. That's all!

Enough about this mystification of the "autobahn' like it's some type of amazing driving road, and the cars that are common place on it should be considered luxury items. PEOPLE ARE SO GULLIBLE!!!!!!!!

This is like taking our little Ford Fiesta and selling it as the 'Ultimate American Dream Machine,' going down over the Golden Gate Bridge during rush hours. Oh Except, charge the Germans 500% to enhance the fantasy.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll point out the elephant in the room. Tesla. Get a Tesla. Everyone in sil val has it.

Luis Garza said...

If she wants to spend that kind of money, yes, a Tesla is a great car...but...she's driving a Civic...a Tesla doesn't sound like her kind of car.

Anonymous said...

Tesla, another marked up status symbol.

Just get a horse, Niniane.