Monday, April 06, 2015

Hiring a games engineer who likes animated films!

We're hiring an engineer with 3D games experience, who likes animated films!  Please share with your game-developer friends!

Evertoon lets users create 3D animated videos by taking regular text in an iMessage-like interface and automatically turning it into a movie with avatars acting it out. Like this video.

We are a small team with experience from Disney, Moonbot (2011 Oscar for Best Animated Short), Microsoft Games, and Google. The company has raised money from Greylock and other notable investors.

  • Design and develop features in Unity3D C#, including avatar customization, camera movements, user inventory, UI, audio / music
  • Implement an user experience for using photographs to personalize avatars and backgrounds, and automatically creating a movie from written text 
  • Help build a two-sided artist marketplace where third-party artists can sell 3D models, animations, and videos to users 
  • Develop social features including sharing, commenting, and integration with social networks 
  • 4+ years experience with object-oriented programming 
  • 1+ year Unity3D experience. 
  • Bonus: Objective-C / iOS programming experience. 
You will receive a competitive salary, benefits, and significant stock equity. Please send your resume to jobs AT!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Interesting you are using Unity...

I grew tired of their bugs and performance issues and sometimes lack of support and poor documentation.

It was much better to write my own 3D tech than use Unity. I now have an editor that works, blazing fast performance on mobile and a low memory footprint to boot.

But then again it was an INSANE (80+ hrs at 7 days a week YUCK!) amount of work and you need the experience\knowledge to build a 3D engine from scratch. I even had to write my own Maya plugin exporters from scratch!%$#@$$ Unity gives you all that out of the box.

So I understand if you have to use Unity and live with it. Also perhaps in your case it works because scene complexity is not as demanding as say an FPS game for example.