Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fantastic Feast

Yuichi invited ten people to dinner at House of Prime Rib.  Yuichi is the recruiter at Minted.

He created a Minted party bunting banner that said FANTASTIC FEAST.  He then called the restaurant four times asking if he can hang the banner over the dinner table.

Three times, the restaurant said he needed to wait until the manager is available to speak with him.  On the fourth time, the manager answered and said no.

I find it so endearing that Yuichi cared enough to call the restaurant four times.  When you learn to do creative writing, the writing books teach that the most important factor to making a character interesting is to make him want something a lot.

It's very compelling when someone has a strong goal.  It makes you automatically want to help them achieve that goal.

James and I now say "Fantastic Feast!" when we're faced with good food.

We also adapted this to when we make mistakes.  We say "Gigantic Gaffe!" and "Enormous Error!" and "Fantastic Fiasco!"

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