Saturday, June 22, 2013


Minted's annual white party is coming up!  I am very excited.  

However, dilemma!  I want to wear a sandstone-colored dress.  It is a great dress.  But it is a white party!  Dilemma!

Here is a photo to indicate the color of the dress:

Do you think I should do it?  Here are some photos from last year's white party, to give a sense of acceptable attire.

Walking from party bus to party.

Me with work BFF.  Her dress is slightly off-white!  Ivory perhaps?

Attire in this photo definitely looks #FFFFFF.



Michael Mitchell said...

luxury problems

Cathy said...

Go for it! The sandstone dress has hints of gold, which pairs well with white accessories. Gold shoes, white thick bangle or bracelet, white clutch purse, and a magnificent white hat would tie together with the beautiful sandstone dress and embrace the white party theme.

Dre said...

Why are you attending a white party? You do know you are not white, don't you?

Ling Wang said...

I'd say sandstone is as acceptable as guys in white shirts/black slacks. Also, I think if you consider the fact that the dress would likely be inappropriate for a wedding being so close to white, that's a good indication of how appropriate it is for a white party!