Thursday, February 28, 2013

Server room

We have a closet at Minted used for Internet cabling and to store a server rack. I started using it for phone calls, when all other conference rooms are full.

Before I knew it, others started using it too.

Yesterday I walked in to find four chairs and a standing desk.


Kialo Winters said...

I also live in a small office adjoining the server room and couldn't be any happier. It keeps me away from main foot traffic and I have a kitchen cabinet. Techies rock!!

summer lyra miles said...

You have a nice and neat server room. I am also planning to create a server room for my computers. Thanks for sharing.

Server Racks

Brielle Franklin said...

What a great idea. The office itself sometimes gets so hot but I know with the CRAC it's always cool in there. So I always end up finding some work I can take and finish in there while I cool down.

hsheng06 said...

yes, a cozy and quiet place is always welcome.