Saturday, September 29, 2012

I swear

Visiting my brother in Irvine.

Me: "My new interns are so funny.  I think the team humor level may be at an all-time high.  The other day, XXX wrote an email to the engineers about doing inserts into a particular database table, in the form of a short poem.  His intern replied with '10/10.  The poem moved me to tears.' Then another intern replied to say, 'For the record, I also cried a little bit.'"

Tom: [chuckling]

Me: "They tell me that normally they are even funnier.  But at work, they are spending part of their energy trying not to swear."

Tom: "You don't swear at work?"

Me: "Only sparingly."

Tom: "At my work, every other word is a curse word.  Every day you hear someone screaming, 'The fucking build is broken!!  Who the fuck broke the build???'. Sometimes the person screaming is me."

Me: "Oh!  But you don't swear when we hang out."

Tom: "We are usually talking about something nice, not why the code won't fucking compile."

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ArC said...

Hah! I work in the same industry as Tom and I'm glad to hear other places swear about as much.