Thursday, June 14, 2012

Starcraft tournament

I had incredible fun playing in an entrepreneur Starcraft tournament last night, hosted by an ex-Googler friend.

Our former Minted intern Maverick was kind enough to be my 2v2 teammate, even though he is platinum league and I am an unranked noob.

I caused us to lose the first game by Zerg rushing the enemy Terran instead of the enemy Zerg. I did the six pool correctly but chose the wrong opponent.

Our second opponent ended up placing second overall, so we were outmatched from the start.

It was fantastic! My only regret is that as the only female player, I felt a need to represent, and then I promptly caused two losses. Ah well, next time I will get a new laptop and practice my APM!

The winning team was Maverick's classmates from University of Waterloo.  At one point, they played against their classmates who became the third-place team.  They wrote "uw represent" at the start of the match.

At one point early in the night, I was talking to "Hat-guy", Maverick's friend from the winning team.

Me: "What league do you play in?"

Hat-guy: "1v1 or 2v2?"

Me: "2v2."

Hat-guy: "Master's!"

Me: "That's great.  1v1?"

Hat-guy: "Master's!"

Me: "Why did you ask me which one I meant then?  Did you just want to say Master's twice?"

Hat-guy: [beaming] "Master's!  Third time."


During the match, when they were doing the initial build order, the two opposing teams typed out messages to goad each other, such as "Tell me how your day was." and "it was allright."  And then "What's euler's formula again?" in the middle of the match!

I texted my brother many updates throughout the evening.  At one point:

Me: "I am such a noob!  I didn't even know what a baneling is."

Brother: "That explains a lot, lol"

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dt said...


My cousin is in that last photo! I'm told he was in second place. Did he beat you!? What a jerk! I'll be sure to berate and/or high-five (conflicted as to which one) him next time I see him.