Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ideal networking event

Over skype:

Me: Tonight I went to the ideal networking event.

Melissa, my work BFF: Was it held on a houseboat with cuddling [referring to Ephemerisle]?  Or ideal for a different reason?



The event was free pedicures, with prosecco and finger sandwiches!  It was sponsored by SecondMarket, and held within walking distance of the Minted offices.  I chatted with various founders and lawyers, who were very witty.

Goodie bag: champagne, chocolates, nail care kit. Ideal!

I bet they had a meeting to plan this event, and one person said, "Let's corner the market on female networking events. Let's invite all the female execs, and give out pink gift bags with pink ribbon and nail kits!" And another person said, "That's really risky. What if it backfires and we look foolish? Pink ribbon?"

It totally worked! Any time that someone would like to host a networking event involving champagne and pedicures, I am in! 

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Anonymous said...

Now I know how male exectuvies networking events draw its crowd: a couple of eye candies dressed in lace and ribbons, a round of golf, and bottles of champagne. Anytime you put THESE together, they're IN!

We all have our price.