Saturday, February 04, 2012

traveling pants

I just watched "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants".

 I got it from netflix weeks ago, but procrastinated watching it because I thought it would be a teen flick about the high school heartbreak of 17-year-olds. I didn't think I would identify at all with the characters. They'd probably be crying because they had the wrong color prom dress, and thank God for the pants to cheer them up from their first-world problems.

 I was so wrong. In the very first scene, one of the girls is 8 years old, and watches her dad move out of the house at night with suitcases. She calls her friend Lena, crying, and her friend comforts her, saying "It'll be okay. I'll come over first thing in the morning."

OMG! Why didn't I have friends like that when I was 8 years old!!!

The movie was about teenager heartbreak, yes. But it was the heartbreak of not seeing your dad often enough and not being able to tell this to him, because that would be unpleasant and he might pull away even more. Or the heartbreak of denying your sadness over the loss of a loved one because it would be overwhelming, and finally being forced to confront it.

Success = results - expectations, and this movie has greatly surpassed my expectations!

It does seem really unbelievable that the same jeans would fit Blake Lively and America Ferrara. One of them is 7 inches taller than the other!

Just ordered the sequel on netflix.

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