Monday, April 11, 2011

birthday gift for my brother

I need to buy a gift for my brother's 24th birthday in 10 days. What to get him?

He likes indoor rock climbing, video games, and Japanese films.


Your Lover said...

A few suggestions:

Dragon Age 2 (if he doesn't have it already)
Original VHS of Akira
Miyazaki collection
L'homme by Yves St. Laurent
Rock climbing shoes

ArC said...

If you know any particular game franchises he likes, you could try to find an artbook from that franchise for him.

Or maybe tickets for the Japanese film festival? (happening right now!)

Adam Lasnik said...

I suggest a Japanese film featuring both video gaming and rock climbing.

keeperdesign said...

Does he have an all-region DVD player? There's a British box set of Mizoguchi's later films that are largely unavailable elsewhere and pretty spectacular:

Anonymous said...

If you are really splurging, get him plane tickets to one of those rock climbing places that lets you climb on a huge cliff above the sea. Then hire a photographer to take arial picture of him climbing, dangling over the ocean.
That would make a hot shot, for your 24 year old brother, the hot stuff.

Ugh said...

my brother's 24th birthday in 10 days.

24? That's a lot of birthdays to have in ten days!

Thanks folks, I'll be here all night. Tip your waitress.

hmf284 said...

LOL that made me laugh