Thursday, February 24, 2011

fire extinguisher!

Sitting in my Mountain View townhouse with Azer.

Me: "The townhouse complex just sent an email. You need to put the fire extinguisher out onto the front steps on Saturday morning. They're going to inspect it."

Azer: "I'll do it right now. Where is it?"

Me: "On the balcony." [walking over to balcony, looking all over it without finding the fire extinguisher]

Azer: "Is it in a closet?"

Me: "Yeah, we should probably know where the fire extinguisher is, in case of a real fire."

Azer: "I bet the townhouse complex isn't actually doing anything to the fire extinguisher. This whole thing is just so that everyone will find their fire extinguisher."

Me: [lol]

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