Saturday, January 15, 2011

My bucket list

Last night I had dinner with Elizabeth.  We went to Press Room and had flights of wine and carpaccio.  She pushed me to make a bucket list.  Here it is:

1. Take my dad to Russia on a trip.
2. Read a bunch of books.
3. Have a family.
4. Eat at Gary Danko.

I hope I can do these! 


Jeremy said...

Not an ambitious list to say the least. You don't want to go into outer space or eat sushi on every continent?

John said...

St. Petersburg is quite nice. I highly recommend - especially during the summer months when it doesn't get dark until 11 PM.

Anonymous said...

funny. as soon as I read this, I thought of that old children's song: "which one of these is not like the other, which one if these does not beloooong?"

(oh, and btw, press club. :p I love that place though!)

Anonymous said...

lol a bucket list. Probably a good Idea for me too. You may be suprised by how many people there are who love to see through the eyes of others. Keep up the good work. Keep on posting! We need you!

Niniane said...

re: Someone else also commented that one of them is out-of-place because Gary Danko sounds like a much easier task. I don't see how that's much easier than "read a bunch of books"? It's hard to get a reservation at Gary Danko, I would assume!

Or maybe you mean that "have a family" is the one that doesn't belong.

Niniane said...

re: Jeremy. I heard that going into outer space was not all that life-changing. Someone that I know paid a ton of money to go into space, and was unchanged upon returning.

Visiting every continent might be nice, though I don't think I want to eat sushi in Antarctica. I would rather eat warm foods there.

Niniane said...

Thanks Ms. Code. :)

Dog of Justice said...

Heh, snarfed, you weren't the only one thinking along the lines of "which one of these is not like the other" :)

Though, in this case, all four items have distinct difficulty levels. One could be done in a day. One could be done in a week (for sufficiently not-large values of "bunch", anyway). One would take a month or three to arrange. And the other will take a lifetime.

Milton Soong said...

I'd say a Gary Danko reservation is the easiest on this list!

ArC said...

I approve of #4, and to a lesser extent, the other three. But out of curiosity, why Gary Danko and not, say, Coi or Benu?

Also, #2 should probably be more specific, don't you think? I mean, at the least you should be able to know when you've completed it.

Anonymous said...

Niniane, having your own family, how's that coming along?

pk@finland said...

*smile*, reading Your last two posts gave me lots of warm feelings. Youre lucky to travel lots and generous indeed to share with family.

Last nov I managed to get my mom with me on flight to Thailand. My second time there and I still love the region (unusual). I also managed during the trip to get a "white chapel" (from hangover movie) -ish style wedding there with my beloved one. And my fortune cookie reads in some weird cipher: "its a girl - due Mar.11".

Anyway, I wish You Niniane, You (over)achieve all of those with flying colours. Greetings from temporary Finland. :-)))))

Anonymous said...

Is that list in order?

Is so trip should be with husband.


Who will be so lucky to help Niniane get to Gary Danko and check it off of her bucket list?

Call meeeee :):):)