Saturday, September 04, 2010

my name is khan

Yesterday Omst showed me a Bollywood movie "My Name is Khan". It is about a Muslim guy with Aspberger's, who marries a Hindu hairdresser. After 9/11, they experience racial violence, and his lack of empathy is hard for her to handle. He sets off on an epic journey to regain her love.

The romance is very sweet! When they first encounter each other, she is so gregarious and he's the opposite. They don't seem like a good fit. But then the movie reveals that she had a previous arranged-marriage, where her husband harassed her and eventually ran off with another woman to Australia.

It's interesting how logical appreciation is different from emotional appreciation. I'm sure that before her experience, she logically appreciated kindness too, but it's different to value it intuitively.


My favorite scene in the movie was after a young computer hacker with a frizzy afro discovers that his previous hacking involving Khan has helped him on his quest. He calls up his mother and says solemnly, "Mom, today I am proud to call myself a hacker."

There is a long pause, and then he says, "Yes, I've eaten already. At least listen to what I'm saying to you first!"


Anonymous said...

If you are interested another from same cast, and among their best,

Hold your breath, the movie is the longest with 211 minutes of non-stop emotion.

hmf284 said...

Although I haven't yet seen this movie - re: your tweet about Man on Wire, I think the point of the first 30 minutes is to show that Philippe Petit was one-of-a-kind - that for him, walking-the-wire was innate - that probably no one else in the world would first think, upon looking at a photo of the Twin Towers, about about tight-roping between them.