Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Keith: "The XX bakery has new management, and it's not as good as before. One of the three original founders died from a heart attack."

Me: "Oh, that's too bad."

Keith: "His name was on the lease so his wife or girlfriend kicked out the other two, and took it over."

Me: "That's terrible! Was she his wife or his girlfriend?"

Keith: "Both."

Me: "He was married and had a mistress?"

Keith: "Yes."

Me: "So which one took over the lease?"

Keith: "They did it together."

Me: "Wow. Well, I guess they had similar tastes."

Keith: "United by their grief and greed."

Me: "Like many a capitalistic venture."


ArC said...

Congratulations on resisting the urge to title this "crumpets & strumpets"... I wouldn`t have been able to.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand, why would the mistress be involved? She wouldn't have any legal claim to ownership, and it's hard to see that she and the ex-wife would be excited about working together.

Anonymous said...

narhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhdu du du dummmmm

Anonymous said...

Is Keith an asiaphile?

Anonymous said...

Niniane, have you seen the puppy cam? do you LOVE the puppy cam?

If you don't love the puppy cam, I am afraid we cannot be married. Sorry.

glaurung said...

Frumpy strumpets who blow plump crumpets through trumpets should dump it, bitches! That doughboy sure ain't a po boy...

frustum lust said...

Keith? Let me tell ya 'bout Keith... (blam!) (blam!) (blam!)

[obligatory Blade Runner reference]