Saturday, September 17, 2005

Prison-cell room is still okay

Peter has gone to the hotel gym to get an apple and do 5 sets of weights. I am blogging and doing a tiny bit of work.

We spent the day with the lovely Dan & Tessa. I saw a very cute blue stuffed fish on top of Dan's bookshelf, and started to play with it. It is plush and high-quality.

Dan: Google apparently used these as an physical reward for a job well done, years ago.

me: Oh, what did you get this one for?

Dan: Winning the programming contest.

me: Oh, right, cool.

Dan: Apparently when they were deciding what to name the company, they did a search for Google (editor's note: which search engine did they use??) and the only company that came up was one that sold stuffed-animal fish. [waves the fish] Presumably because its eyes stick out and are googly. [points fish toward me, eyes first] So they decided it probably didn't conflict and would be okay.

me: Well, good luck finding that company now. What would you search for, "google fish"?


I held the stuffed fish, while Dan & I played the 2-player card version of Settlers of Catan (I won, haha!). Peter took a nap. Later, as we were heading out to our first play during this NY trip:

Peter: Hey, let's take the fish to the play.

Dan: [very concerned] No!!!

me: Okay. Here, catch the fish! [throws fish to Dan]

Dan: [catches fish, then cradles it, with eyebrows raised, making protective noises]


We saw the play, Naked Boys Singing. There were quite a few bachelorette parties in the audience. It was 90 minutes of nude men singing and dancing.

By the end, I began to think I was too critical, because here were a bunch of Broadway actors who surely must be in the best shape, and yet I didn't think their abs were the best! Luckily Dan also said they didn't have perfect abs.

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