Friday, June 19, 2020

Today is my mom's birthday!

My mom turned 71 today.

I told her she is lucky to have her birthday on Juneteenth, because it is a special day of celebration. Also it will probably be a federal holiday soon. 

My brother got a bakery to deliver the cake. 

Saturday, June 06, 2020

powerful video using Monopoly as metaphor

This video taught me a lot:

It reminded me of this Gloria Steinem quote:
it’s also true that in any situation of unequal power, it’s threatening for the more powerful to feel criticized. Think about it: It’s okay for women to ‘sing the blues,’ but not okay to equalize reasons for blues-singing. It’s okay to talk about the feminization of poverty, but not okay to talk about about the masculinization of wealth. It’s okay to talk about poor black people, but not so okay to talk about white racism and rich white people—and so on.
Also we’re so accustomed to hierarchy that it’s hard to imagine equality. I think some men imagine reversal—women are going to do to them what they’ve have done to women—but that’s just guilt talking. Probably our first job is to imagine equality. After all, hope is a form of planning!

Saturday, May 30, 2020


In the latest cop-related videos involving Black people, it's chilling to see how intentional the racism is.

I previously believed a quote "Don't attribute to malice what can be explained by [ignorance]." With past cop shootings, I thought perhaps it was due to subconscious bias. Maybe the cops panicked and their subconscious bigotry took over for a few seconds.

That is already atrocious. But what we saw this week is so much worse. The cop killed George Floyd over 9 minutes. And the other three cops stood around for 9 minutes without stopping him. It wasn't panic. It was intentional. 

The Amy Cooper video was in the same vein. Prior videos -- BBQ Becky and Permit Patty and Callbox Cukor -- were infuriating to watch, but it was conceivable that they were operating from unconscious bias and weren't expecting that the cops might arrive and murder the Black person. 

But with Amy Cooper, she was relying on cops to be racist. Her whole plan banked on the cops being unfair and racist. It's chilling to see.

I hope these protests work and we end up with a society that is more fair toward Black people.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

New Favorite-programming-language Energy

I have been learning GoLang and I like it! 

It's concise. It has built-in support for slices, pointers, concurrency, channels. It doesn't have strange indentation rules like python. 

Me: [to Aff] "So what are the reasons you like Go more than Java?"

Aff: [bursts out laughing] "Why don't you ask me the reasons I like ice cream more than being kicked in the nuts?"

Me: "Come on, Java is not that bad."


Ice cream is a bit extreme as an analogy. I like ice cream much more than Go. But Go is pretty good.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

that New Favorite-Book Energy

During video chat:

Me: "I just read the book Fifth Season. I love it!"

Nehsters: "Oh, I read that. It's pretty ... dystopian. A little depressing."

Me: "We're in a pandemic. It's now a how-to guide."