Saturday, May 30, 2020


In the latest cop-related videos involving Black people, it's chilling to see how intentional the racism is.

I previously believed a quote "Don't attribute to malice what can be explained by [ignorance]." With past cop shootings, I thought perhaps it was due to subconscious bias. Maybe the cops panicked and their subconscious bigotry took over for a few seconds.

That is already atrocious. But what we saw this week is so much worse. The cop killed George Floyd over 9 minutes. And the other three cops stood around for 9 minutes without stopping him. It wasn't panic. It was intentional. 

The Amy Cooper video was in the same vein. Prior videos -- BBQ Becky and Permit Patty and Callbox Cukor -- were infuriating to watch, but it was conceivable that they were operating from unconscious bias and weren't expecting that the cops might arrive and murder the Black person. 

But with Amy Cooper, she was relying on cops to be racist. Her whole plan banked on the cops being unfair and racist. It's chilling to see.

I hope these protests work and we end up with a society that is more fair toward Black people.

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The Prolific Programmer said...

I'm beginning to judge society based on how it treats its most vulnerable members. I think optimizing on this metric is healthier than letting the best-off among us pay less taxes, which seems to be the current metric.